Finding the best personal trainer in your city

So fitness is a complicated thing. No really it is…Thats why the majority of people in America are overweight. Sure it’s easy to lose a few pounds when we’re really motivated for the summer and want to look our very best. But why is it just so hard after that 1 month mark? Well its because when we first see results we become satisfied and to us, there is a reasonable amount of fat loss that we see in ourselves that make us content with our new look. But to other random people we are probably still fat…Which is why fitness is hard


Fitness is a sport. It involves your mind just as much as your body. It’s a life style. Just how like some people prefer to be at the bars every weekend, its a lifestyle. With that being said there is also a lot of technique involved to learning to be fit. Such as the meals you eat, the amount of sleep you get, and your performance all matter. Thats why I choose to use a personal trainer.

My name is Maurice and I live in Sacramento CA and I am a trainer at Sacfitnesstrainer. I have been working out for over 10 years and can tell you it was a fun and enjoying journey. Although I am still far from my fitness goals. Which is to get to 5-6% body fat. Which will require a lot of time to prepare for. But having a personal trainer in my arsenal is the key. I will be mainly focusing on myself and my workouts and my trainer will help me along the way to make sure I get every last inch of victory.

So whether you’re new or veteran, having a personal trainer by your side is beneficial. Even more so when your new and when I say new I mean anywhere from 0-2 years working out.

If you’re new then trainers can cut your learning time in half. They will guide you through each workout telling you what you need to work on the most. They will point out your strengths and weaknesses. They will help you discover your own goals and help you build a blueprint to achieve those goals.

As a personal trainer in Sacramento, I can’t tell you how many times I hear bad advice or see people in the gym using the machines improperly. But I can tell you that its just a few tweaks in their form which makes it more efficient.